Back and Neck Pain

Back pain is experienced by most of us at some point in our lives. It is most common in the lower back. However, it can be felt anywhere along your spine including your neck and right down to your hips.  It can occur as a result of an awkward lift or position, poor posture habits, sleeping awkwardly or just an accident like a fall or trip.  Symptoms may be local to the area or referred to other parts of your body, like with sciatic nerve irritation – more commonly known as ‘sciatica’.


How physiotherapy can help:
After taking a thorough history, your physiotherapist will examine you and provide treatment to help reduce your painful symptoms in the first instance. This may include acupuncture, manual therapies or taping depending on our findings, your medical history and preferences. Treatment will be combined with simple home exercises to get you moving normally in between therapy sessions with the overall aim to reduce current symptoms and to decrease chances of reoccurrence.