Running analysis and rehabilitation

Running analysis and rehabilitation has been shown to optimise loading and performance in runners. Simple adjustments to running technique, alongside specific strength training, can make all the difference to knee, hamstring, foot and ankle issues in runners.

Teign Physiotherapy (Exeter Street only) offers a 90-minute running analysis and rehab session which includes taking a detailed history of your current running programme, establishing any potential influences on efficiency, running economy and performance, such as: footwear, changes in training, other activities (fitness, work, leisure), emotional factors, and pain.

Head to toe, slow motion, video analysis of your running style and technique on a treadmill, followed by detailed analysis and physical examination of any identified problem areas are then completed.  For more information on running analysis, click here.

A combination of specific rehab exercises and correctional running technique tuition to facilitate your recovery and improve your running will be introduced. Click here for easy reading on whether gait retraining for injury can also help efficiency or, see the full article here.

Taking into account your running goals – whether that is to complete a Parkrun without stopping or, to be fully prepared for that PB attempt at your next marathon, running analysis and rehab will enable us to manage injury risks, facilitate recovery from injury, enhance performance and improve running economy and efficiency.