Your 1st Appointment

Your first appointment will involve a full assessment and take up to 50 minutes depending on the nature and complexity of your problem. Follow up sessions will depend on what your individual treatment plan involves and will change and progress as you improve. We allow 50 minutes for follow up appointments.

We will ask you detailed questions about your current condition and your medical history, including medications that you take.  Please bring a list of your medications with you.  With your continued consent, we will carry out a physical examination of the problem which will include undressing to a level that allows thorough assessment.  Click here for more information.

To assist this process, please wear comfortable clothing such as a loose top, tracksuit or shorts that you feel able to move around in easily. Your physiotherapist needs assess your movement and posture, as well as move different areas of your body so these need to be accessible and visible.

After the assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss their clinical findings, offer a diagnosis where appropriate, consider what treatment options would be most suitable and, devise a plan with you.  This will include consideration of your preferences and any need for onward referral to more specialist services, should this be indicated.

Depending on the clinical findings, treatment will usually involve a mix of ‘hands on’ manual therapies and home based exercise programme which will compliment any therapy under taken in clinic, empowering you to make the most of your physiotherapist and enhance your recovery and management of your symptoms in the long term.

You may or may not require more than one appointment.  You will never be asked to ‘block book’ appointments and we will always be honest about our clinical impression and how many appointments may be needed to ensure you get the best results.